Gender Inequality Lecture

During the section of the Social Problems class that focuses on different forms of inequality (see syllabus), I cover gender inequality with my students. In the class before this attached lecture, we sort out the differences between sex and gender, discuss how sociologists view gender and gender performance and briefly introduce the concept of intersex as a way to begin to break students of their underlying assumptions about binary gender.

In this lecture, we review inequalities that occur in five areas of society: language, media, work, politics and education. This lecture demonstrates one of my most important strengths as a teacher – my use of visual data combined with more entertaining videos and visuals to explain concepts and material to students in an engaging and relevant way.

Below you will find the slides I use for this presentation and a link to the notes that accompany it.


Please allow a moment for the Prezi viewer to load. You can click the right or left arrows to navigate forward and backward in the presentation. The fullscreen option is located in the bottom right corner.